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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some “questions and answers” which provide more general information about our hall, but please feel free to contact us if you have a specific query!

Do I have to live in the village to hire the Village Club Hall?
We try to give priority to local residents but welcome enquiries from anyone interested in hiring the facilities.

I heard that you have to be a “member” to use the hall?
Historically the Village Club had a membership requirement, but this is no longer the case. Anyone is welcome to use the facilities.

What kind of events can be held in the hall?
The facilities are suitable for many different events – concerts, family parties, small weddings, meetings, informal gatherings, music and choirs, yoga, pilates and keep fit, dog training, art classes etc etc etc………..

How much does it cost to hire?
Is there a minimum or maximum hire time?
The cost to hire the Village Club for an event is £18 per hour.
(Main hall + reading room + kitchen facilities)
Minimum hire 1 hour (+ See below re weekend bookings)

For our local organisations, community groups / clubs etc, individual room bookings at an hourly rate (£10 main hall, £8 reading room) may be granted,  however this is at the committee’s discretion and usually for max 2hrs. (+ See below re weekend bookings)

Weekend bookings -
Friday from 5pm and Saturday from midday

Minimum hire time = 3 hrs at full rate (i.e. £18/hr)
(or minimum 2hr hire for children's parties)

For certain events (e.g. weddings / large celebrations) you may require the hall for a whole day + set up and clear up times the day before and after.
We offer a "package rate" - please see specific booking form for details.

How do I request a booking?
Please go to our "contact and booking" page where you will find these details.

Are there car parking facilities at the hall?
There is a small car park at the hall for approx. 8 cars. We would suggest that you park beside the shops in Southview Rd, in the car park beside St Kessog's Church (R off Campsie Dene Rd at war memorial) or in Campsie View Drive (steps to main Glasgow Rd)
For an evening or weekend event there is a parking area at the back entrance to the primary school on Southview Rd.

Are there any disabled facilities?
There is one disabled parking space, access to the hall via a ramp and a disabled toilet.

How many people can be accommodated in the hall?
It depends on your type of event, however max capacity is 90. The main hall is suitable for approx. 70 people seated cabaret style. The smaller hall (reading room) would be suitable for a small group of approx. 20 seated, or is useful for laying out a buffet meal, teas / coffees etc

Is there a stage?
The main hall has a small raised platform area.

How many tables and chairs are available?
There are 90 plastic stacking chairs and a selection of different sized tables.
Click on this link for list of tables / sizes.

Are there wi-fi facilities in the hall?
Yes, there is free wi-fi in the hall.

How many loos are there?
2 ladies + 2 gents + 1 disabled

What equipment is provided in the kitchen and hall?
Click on this link for a list of  equipment.

Do I clean the hall after our event?
Our cleaner spends 3 hours per week looking after the hall. We hope that you find the facilities clean and tidy and would ask you to leave them in the same condition. There are brushes, mops etc in the kitchen cupboard. If you are using the kitchen you should bring your own tea towels, cloths etc.

We have a set cleaning fee for wedding bookings, but will also charge any groups if additional cleaning is required after their event.

Does the hall close at a set time?
Any music must stop at 23.45 and the hall vacated by 01.00. Please respect these rules as we have to be considerate of nearby residents.

Who looks after the management of the hall?
The hall is managed by a committee of volunteers from the village. We look after the grounds, fabric of the building, event booking etc Please feel free to contact us if you would like become involved! We meet once a month in the Village Club.

What is your data privacy policy?
The Village Club is GDPR compliant.  When enquires are made about use of the Village Club the "personally identifiable data" related to the person enquiring (for example your email address) are recorded, stored and processed only for the purpose of administering that enquiry, any subsequent booking, the actual use of the Village Club, subsequent record keeping (for a reasonable time period) and communication directly associated with our running of the Village Club and your use of it. The legal basis on which we do this is to set up and service a contract between the Village Club and its users/prospective users who have contacted us with enquiries.  We do not share data with any other organization except that we display on our web site something to indicate the nature of bookings for public consumption (e.g. "Yoga - 9:30"). We undertake to store all personally identifiable data in an appropriately secure manner and to do so only using service providers who we have verified are GDPR compliant. If you want us to put your name/email/number on our web site (for example to publicize your Yoga class) you need to specifically email us and request this.

How is the hall funded?
We are very grateful for the support we receive from Stirling Council but are very aware that funding may not continue indefinitely. We therefore strive to be as self-sufficient as possible and rely on the hall being used regularly. We have also had grants in the past from Lottery, Awards for All Fund, and the Clackmannan and Stirling Environment Trust

Do you have official terms and conditions?
Please click on this link to see the official T&Cs